Why California Dates?

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When you hold a California date in the palm of your hand, you’re holding a rich piece of agricultural history. Every date grown in the Golden State is the end product of over a hundred year long romance with the desert fruit.

Today, California grows almost 80% of the US’s dates, with most of production taking place in our very own Coachella Valley. Our Medjool and deglet varieties thrive in California’s rich soil and arid sunshine and quench their thirst with the pure waters of the Colorado River. The flowers are hand-pollinated and the fruits are hand-picked with care before they arrive in our sustainable packaging.

When you support California dates, you support American farmers and their surrounding communities in a time when the bulk of fresh fruit on our supermarket shelves is imported from other countries. You’re able to put dollars back into US farmers’ pockets while also participating in a smaller carbon footprint involved in the transportation of produce.

Our Desert Valley Date farmers abide by innovative and best farming practices so you know exactly what you’re getting and can happily savor the experience of tasting a fruit that’s been loved for millennia. We’re so happy to share the fruit of our labor with you.

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