Date Paste

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Same great taste.
Same wholesome nutrition.
Endless opportunities for new sweet creations!

The dates you know and love just got easier.

Date paste takes the flavor and nutrients of dates and whips them up into a versatile ingredient that you can use in product formulations such as Breads, Muffins, Cakes, Cookies, Nutrition, Smoothies, Ice Creams, Sauces, Glazes, Energy Bars

At Desert Valley Date, we offer Date Paste made from 100% dates and no additives for your ingredient needs. Date Paste has equal parts glucose and fructose and a smoother texture, while Deglet Noor Date Paste takes on the deglets’ more fibrous texture and has almost equal parts glucose, fructose, and sucrose.


Take your product to the next level!

When you use date paste in your product formulations as a filler or in place of simple sugars, you’re not just taking out plain sugar. Date paste helps make your product more appealing to the health conscious consumer by adding wholesome, natural nutrition!

The dietary fibers in dates lower the glycemic load of your dish, helping ease those blood sugar spikes and making it more appealing to consumers who are trying to watch carbohydrates. Fiber is highly correlated with chronic disease risk reduction and optimal health, but unfortunately most Americans don’t get enough. When you use date paste in place of other sweeteners, you help increase your consumers’ daily intake, getting them just a bit closer to their daily recommended value!

In addition to fiber, date paste provides antioxidants and micronutrients that help enrich your creations. Compare the benefits of dates to other sugar-reducing alternatives, such as non-nutritive sweeteners that might bring down the glycemic load but don’t add any value. Healthful swaps have never been so sweet!


Date paste keeps it simple.

Some companies have complicated relationships with their products. But “complicated” isn’t our style.

We employ strict quality control standards at our AA BRC certified facility, using only dates from our farms and growers. And when we say only, we mean only. No added sugars, no added chemicals, no preservatives. Just 100% dates, and 100% love!

Snack ‘em, blend ‘em, binge ‘em, share ‘em!

No matter your date-ing style, know that both your body and the planet thank you.

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