Medjool Dates

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Treat yourself like the royalty
you are with some sweet medjools!

The King of Dates, medjools have been treasured for thousands of years and are the oldest cultivated fruit in the world. These dates are larger and juicier than other varieties, and get their nickname because they were originally reserved for Moroccan royalty due to the cost and labor involved in harvesting the fruit.

Where Are Medjool Dates From?

While we can’t say for certain exactly where medjools’ story begins, experts guess that they were originally cultivated in Egypt and Mesopotamia as early as 6000 BC. The arid climate of the region suits the finicky fruits just right, but also means that they can’t be grown just anywhere.

In fact, even though Italy’s temperate climate isn’t suitable for harvesting the fruit, the Romans used to plant date palms just for the look. They loved them so much that date palms became a symbol for victory in their culture and were popular garden plants.

Our Medjool Dates

Medjools feel right at home in hot and sunny Coachella Valley! We grow and harvest them just how they like - with enough space, the right weather, and by hand because of their delicate nature. They might be high maintenance but if you treat them right one mature date palm can produce up to 10,000 dates in one season!

Medjools start budding around February and change from green to orange until they finally ripen into the deep brown, chewy fruits we love. Each medjool is handpicked in the fall harvest before they’re sorted and finally packaged in our zero waste facility.

Delicious & Nutritious

As you bite into one of our sweet medjools, know that their beauty is more than skin deep. With each rich, chewy, carmelly bite you’re getting a dose of:

  • Essential micronutrients
  • Antioxidants
  • Potassium
  • And fiber!

Fiber is one of the most underrated nutritional superstars.

  • - Medjools’ fiber means that the sweetness you’re tasting doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar the same way that pure sugar would.
  • - The fiber slows down the release of the natural sugars into your bloodstream, meaning that it is a low glycemic food and is compatible with diets that call for carbohydrate control.

In addition to blood sugar control, the fiber and antioxidants in dates support heart health. Medjools’ natural antioxidant activity, fiber content, and micronutrient profile make them a great addition to a healthy diet and allow them to fit into any lifestyle!

The bottom line is that whether you’re following the Mediterranean diet, trying out Whole 30, or eating like the ancients with paleo, medjool dates offer a whole-food source of valuable nutrients that you can feel good about.


The Perfect Date for Any Plate

If you’re only in it for the flavor,
that’s fine too!

  • Medjools’ rich carmelly taste and soft chewy texture make them great companions in contrasting tangy and salty dishes
  • Pair medjools with cured meats to make a statement at your next app party
  • Blend them with other warm flavors Like cinnamon

Snack ‘em, blend ‘em, binge ‘em, share ‘em!

No matter your date-ing style, know that both your body and the planet thank you.

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