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A Date for Every Plate

Dates are transforming the way people everywhere indulge in their favorite sweets. As consumers search for ways to lead healthier lives and reduce their intake of refined sugar, this versatile whole fruit offers a natural sweetness to a variety of foods. Plus, they’re high in fiber, antioxidants and qualify as a low-glycemic food.

From breakfast treats to afternoon snacks to dinner time delicacies, dates are a healthy, yet heavenly ingredient to complement any dish!


Baked Goods

Warming up healthy hearts

Dates and baked goods go hand-in-hand. Use date paste or diced dates and let their chewy texture and sweet flavor take your favorite bread, cookie, brownie, or muffin recipes to a whole new level! The sweetness of the date products substitutes the processed sugars you would normally use to enjoy a much healthier treat.

Energy Snacks

A jumpstart without the jitters

When the afternoon slump hits hard, dates paired with a nutritious protein are a great pick-me-up. Because dates are a healthy carbohydrate, we digest them slowly which leaves us with longer-lasting energy than other unhealthy sugars. Better yet, date paste makes a simple and ideal ingredient for protein bars, power shakes, or smoothies. It’s also popular to add them into cereals or granolas!


Where delicious meets nutritious

Eliminating processed sugars is an important step in leading a healthier lifestyle and making better food choices. Dates and date products, like paste or diced dates, are a nutritious substitute for sugar when a craving for dessert kicks in. Despite being incredibly sweet, dates actually have a low-glycemic index. They’re also nutrient-rich, loaded with fiber, and high in antioxidants, so you can indulge guilt-free!


Perfect balance of flavors & nutrition

Dates don’t always have to be enjoyed in a sweet recipe. In fact, the sweet taste of dates combined with more sharp or savory notes creates a perfect balance of flavor and makes for some tantalizing appetizers. Dates can be sliced, diced and mixed into a variety of appetizer recipes. Stuffing dates with nut butter, cheese or tajin is another classic application.


Superfruit to the rescue

Smoothie lovers unite! Dates are considered a superfood because they are brimming with antioxidants, fiber, and other essential nutrients, like magnesium, copper, and potassium. In fact, dates even have more potassium than a banana (pound for pound). Save time and your blender and use date paste to add this hearty superfruit into smoothies and you get an added bonus of nutritional value!


Not-your-average salad

Dates make it easy (and rather enjoyable) to get creative and think outside of the typical assortment of salad ingredients. Diced dates, whether it’s of the medjool or deglet noor variety, pair tastefully with a broad range of savory, zesty, and bright flavors. Our date syrups also make for an excellent base for a salad dressing that’s both vibrant and decadent.


The sauce-ibilities are endless

When a sauce recipe calls for a splash of something sweet, there is no better substitute for sugar than date syrup. Both nutrient-rich and delectable, date syrup is the best way to naturally sweeten up a classic BBQ sauce, salad dressing, sriracha, or other savory condiments. For dessert time, date syrups make a healthier alternative for processed sugar in caramel or chocolate sauces.